Category: Furniture/Soft Goods
Lulan Artisans Manufacturing Program

New York House congratulates the winners of its second annual Innovative Green Design Awards℠ competition. These top achievers showcase exemplary home products in terms of energy efficiency, cradle-to-cradle and sustainable manufacturing, technological or design innovation, and aesthetics.

In the soft goods category, including upholstery, the judges eliminated companies whose ecofriendly cushions were optional, because they felt this didn't demonstrate a true commitment to green. Aesthetics were discussed, as were various materials and manufacturing processes, including preserving ancient techniques. All this led the panel to select Lulan Artisans, a partnership between architect/designer Eve Blossom, consulting designers Laura Guido-Clark and Michael Koch, and a group of gifted artisans in five Southeast Asian countries. More than 650 spinners, twisters, dyers, weavers, and finishers produce high-end fabrics, decorative accents, and other soft goods in a holistic design approach using only natural materials. But Lulan's sustainability also encompasses the local communities, as it celebrates the villages' centuries-old weaving techniques, opens new markets, and enhances free trade.

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